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DU Refi Plus Program

The Fannie Mae DU Refi Plus program was created to help borrowers who have homes that are now worth less than their current mortgage or loan amount. The program will allow you to refinance up to 125% of your home value! An example would be if your home was worth $200,000 but your loan balance is $210,000. If you need to refinance, you would not find a better program than the DU Refi Plus program to help you. 

Do you qualify for the DU Refi Plus program? What are the DU Refi Plus Guidelines?

The first thing that you need to determine is whether your CURRENT loan is owned by Fannie Mae. The program only applies to loans that are with Fannie Mae right now. So, read about the Fannie Mae Lookup Tool and see if you qualify.

Other important factors or guidelines that you should be aware of are as follows...


  • Intended for rate and term or limited cash out loans only.
  • There is no PMI if your current loan does not have PMI.
  • Maximum LTV on your new loan will be 125%. However, local lenders reserve the right to reduce that.
  • No loan seasoning is required.
  • No minimum credit score is required.
  • No new secondary financing is allowed. Existing second loans must be subordinated.
  • Purpose of the loan must be to get a better rate/term or move from an ARM to a fixed loan.

If you checked the Fannie Mae Lookup Tool and your property is recognized by Fannie, then complete the free rate quote form and we will help you to find a lender that can help with your refinance.



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