Living Room Design: Inspiring Trends for 2024

living room design trends

The living room is the true hub that brings everyone together over a board game, movie night or just some leisure time and chatting. Hence the name – living room so with all the time you spend in there, it should be at the top of your design priorities. Finding an ideal design style between a stylish, comfy home and all the usual clutter can be challenging. However, once you nail it, it will pay off well, both in your enjoyment of the room and once you decide to sell.

Living room design trends for 2020 display living rooms custom-tailored to people’s imagination in order to create something unique out of an ordinary, bland space while functionality, comfort and practicality of the space still remain important. And here are several ideas that show you how.

Soothing and comfy Living Room Design Trends

Comfort is the rule of thumb nowadays so gone are the days of formal-looking, camera-ready living rooms. Now, it’s all about comfort and relaxation in a living room designed for lounging and enjoyment. There are more inviting décor and furniture such as soft, plush sofas in rich tones of blue and green, fluffy pillows and warm blankets and items made of natural materials such as wood, marble and stone.

In such a setting, natural wool rugs are a perfect choice as they provide a soft, natural base underfoot making it truly enjoyable to walk on. As a material, wool is stain resistant and wears gracefully which means it doesn’t flatten easily or lose its charm and appeal. It also holds color well so it’s even possible to dye the rug in a variety of colors in accordance with the current trends.

Personal but minimalist

Despite all the speculations, the minimalist style isn’t going anywhere. It will always hold its appeal for those who prefer clean lines, neutral colors and classy interiors. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your possessions to make it work – the point is to feature fewer but more intentional objects such as chunky timeless furniture, an occasional splash of vibrant color and a few favorite nick-knacks dear to you.

In its aesthetics, minimalism fits well into modernism that uses natural items such as wood, flowers, textiles and stone to create a comfy and homey vibe. Living room trends for 2020 subdue all the bright colors in the space with a calm and soothing color palette and bring in tons of light via large windows and multiple sources of layered indoor lighting.

Fun and eclectic

Another trend that seems to persevere is the fun eclectic style favored by those who can’t stand the idea of everything perfectly matching in their homes. The Boho chic trend is perfect for living room area as it allows you to mix and match colors and home décor items as you wish. Rooms will feel put together in a non-conforming way and have a specific effect on people – since nothing in the room is perfect, it gives you the freedom to relax as well.

Loft style living

Loft style living requires a space with no walls or partitions, high ceilings and gigantic windows, rough brick walls, wooden panels and metal accents that also give it an industrial vibe. This style almost has a sense or rawness and crudeness to it but it’s also quite bold in introducing a variety of materials to make a point. Materials such as glass and metal or stone go extremely well together and complement each other in a manner not imagined possible before.

Design is not simply a discipline that teaches us how to conceive and improve the material side of life – it is also an ideal model that explain to us how both great and small things are bound together by invisible threads, claim the people behind a this Bachelor of Arts in interior design.

High-tech design

The high-tech design introduces something different from all the previously mentioned styles as it assumes moving away from the elements of old times and embracing the spirit of the tech age. Even modern, Scandinavian and loft styles are essentially developed versions of past trends and the high-tech design aims for a different shine. There’s a neutral color palette but also a total absence of mood and personality which is then compensated with expensive materials and room décor.

Whatever trend you embrace in 2020, it should be reflective of your personality and every item and material you choose should be a carefully deliberated choice. Tastes and preferences are very subjective so this is where the latest trends can be helpful – pick the one that inspires you, give it your own twist and design a living room that is comfortable and inviting.

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