Use this helpful checklist to assist you in gathering your mortgage or loan documentation. If you have any questions or problems in obtaining any of the following items, please contact us. Remember, your immediate response is essential in order for us to guarantee rates and process your loan in a timely manner.


*  Salaried employees to provide a copy of one complete month of most recent pay stub and last two years of W-2’s.

*  Self employed borrowers to provide a copy of the last two years signed tax returns (include all schedules) and the current year’s profit and loss statement, if possible.

*  Retired and/or receiving pension – provide a copy of the social security awards letter and/or pension benefit awards letter.

*  If you are claiming rental income, provide copies of the current lease(s) and “schedule E of your past two years tax returns.



*  Copies of 2 most recent months of bank statements from checking and savings accounts. All pages must be included even if some pages are blank.

*  Copies of 2 most recent months of investment or brokerage account statements.

*  Copies of last quarter’s statements for all stock, bonds, mutual funds, IRA, and 401K accounts.



*  Copy of sales contract if purchase or recorded deed for property if refinance.

*  Copy of last mortgage statement on all mortgages and loans.

*  Copy of divorce decree & judgement if previously married.

*  Copy of bankruptcy court discharge paperwork if applicable.

*  Copy of homeowner’s insurance declaration page at least 7 days prior to closing.

*  Photocopy of your driver’s license (all borrowers).

*  Photocopy of either your Social Security card OR your passport.