Less than Perfect Credit Mortgage

Loan programs vary depending on the borrowers credit. Home mortgage loans for individuals with poor credit are available for refinance, purchase, or refinancing with cash out but with some restrictions. Your loan is approved based upon the income and assets that you state on your application, credit score, and property value. Please keep in mind that many lenders have tightened their guidelines so approvals have become much more difficult for poor credit loans.



Had a Bankruptcy?

Have late payments on your existing mortgage?

Want to consolidate your bills into one low monthly payment? 

Need relief from the harassing calls of creditors?

Need extra cash? (use it for home improvements, education, child support, or a new car).

Temporarily unemployed, in between jobs?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions or if your credit score is less than 620 then we can help you!


See the Low Doc Options for more information. Please take a moment to complete the quick application and a professional loan officer will provide you with a free personal analysis and quote.

Poor Credit Leads to High Interest Rates