Why You Should Relocate to Raleigh North Carolina

relocate to raleigh

Raleigh North Carolina is often voted the best place to live in America, and the reason why is obvious. Between the amazing options of dining, the affordable cost of living, and the endless things to do, it’s a simple decision to make.

Some of the highlights about the Raleigh Durham area are the endless options for craft beer. Anyone from Raleigh knows that their local brewers are the best in the nation. Breweries like Trophy Brewing Co. And Taproom, Bottle Revolution, Tasty beverage Company, and Crank Arm are sure to fill the needs of an increasing population.

Raleigh NC Employment Opportunities

When it comes to job opportunities the Triangle has limitless options. Ranked one of the top for job growth, a highly educated population and low unemployment Raleigh is the place to get a jump on your career.  In fact, the unemployment rate has been cut in half over the past 8 years.

Things to Do in The Raleigh Area

One of the perks of being in the center of North Carolina is that Raleigh residents are close enough to visit both beautiful mountains and gorgeous shorelines, technically making it possible to visit beaches and mountains in the same day. Raleigh is also home to miles and miles of some of the most beautiful trails for cyclists and pedestrians.  

Every October the North Carolina State Fair is a great way to get your feet wet with some North Carolinian Culture. Complete with hands-on agricultural exhibits, deep fried foods, and thrill rides, the state fair is a must for anyone new to the Raleigh area. With an attendance of 1,000,000 people plus it’s a must-see event.

Come winter time you’ll most likely realize Triangle drivers are…Umm… Not really great at driving in the snow. Not that they can’t drive, just not a lot of experience in the snow. There’s a good chance if there’s a flurry in the forecast it could shut the city down.

Why You Will Love Raleigh

Everything you love about the South can be found in Raleigh and its wonderful people. It’s not just a rumor that the Southern states are friendly, a few short days in Raleigh will easily prove that to you.

If you are considering a relocation to the Raleigh area, then it is important to connect with local experts. Prior to visiting the area, contact us to have a discussion regarding your ability to qualify for a loan and to understand what your buying power is.

Once that pre-approval process is completed, then we proudly recommend you touch base with Michelle Fish of Grow Local Realty. She is the local real estate expert in Raleigh and can help educate you on the area, school systems, home values and much more. Michelle has helped so many people just like  you to

find their dream home in the Raleigh area. 

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