FHA Loan Limits for 2023

FHA Loan Limits

FHA loan limits are revised every year by the Federal Housing Administration to keep up with the changes in the housing market. The FHA loan limits are established based upon the median home sale price in each county.

Due to an increase in the average home selling price in the prior year, the FHA loan limits were raised again in 2023 to a minimum amount of $420,680 for a single family residence.

Standard FHA Loan Limits

The standard FHA loan limits for 2023 are as follows:

  • Single family = $472,030
  • 2 Units = $604,400
  • 3 Units = $730,525
  • 4 Units = $907,900

These are just the standard FHA loan limits for most counties in the United States. However, higher loan limits are offered for areas where the median sales price is a bit higher. Use our FHA loan limits lookup tool below to see what the lending limits are in your area.

FHA Loan Limits for Multi Family Residences

There are higher loan limits set for 2-unit, 3-unit and 4-unit multi-family residences. An FHA loan may be used to purchase a multi-family dwelling where the home buyer lives in one unit while renting out the others. The higher cost associated with multi-family properties also means higher FHA loan limits

FHA Loan Limits for High Cost Areas

FHA loan limits are also set at higher levels for counties in the United States that are considered to be “high cost areas”. In these counties, even an entry level home will likely cost more than most places around the country. As a result, the FHA has higher loan limits to make homes affordable in these high cost areas. The maximum high cost loan limit for 2023 is $970,800.

Current FHA Loan Limits by County

Use this tool to find the FHA loan limits in your county. Select your state and all of the loan limit information will be displayed. We will maintain the updated list of the most updated FHA loan limits as changes occur.

FHA loan limits
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