Best Home Staging Tips

Home staging tips

Home staging is when a seller will prepare the home for sale by making it more appealing to potentialbuyers. This process sometimes involves hiring a home staging professional and typically includes bringing in appropriate furniture, accessories and décor. It may also include landscaping and fresh paint in rooms that need updating.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 31% of home buyers increased their offer by 1-5% because the home was staged. Most realtors will testify that a properly stated home will likely help that home to sell faster and at a higher price.

Below are some valuable home staging articles prepared by top real estate professionals. Read them all for some great home staging tips.

Should I Stage My Luxury Home When Putting it Up for Sale? by Paul Sian

In this article, Paul discussed the benefits of staging a luxury home and whether you should hire a professional to do the staging for you.

Home Staging Tips and Ideas – by Luke Skar

This helpful reference by Luke provides many home staging tips including often neglected areas such as organizing your closets and removing pet odors.

Preparing Your Home for Sale in December – by David Martin

David teaches us about how to sell your home in the winter months. Some great advice offered in his home staging tipsarticle from snow removal to front entrance decorating during the holidays.

Home Staging 101 for Home Sellers Looking for Results – by Danny Margagliano

Danny provides some basic home staging tips and also includes a helpful info-graphic which outlines tips for your kitchen, bedrooms and exterior.

3 Ways to Set Your Home Up to Sell – by Lynn Pineda

This article teaches you how to grab the attention of potential home buyers and also how to help them imagine living in your home.

Do Real Estate Agents Pay for Staging? – by Geoff Southworth

Geoff discusses when a real estate agent would pay or not pay for your staging, how to find a staging company, and why they may ask to be paid in advance.

Getting Your Home Ready for a Smooth Sale – by Eileen Anderson

In this article, Eileen shares before and after photo examples of both interior and exterior staging success stories. Simple things like landscaping, curtains and bedspreads can make a huge difference.

10 Quick Staging Tips for a Faster Home Sale – by Fred Franks

Fred reveals 10 things the average home owner can do to improve your home’s look and feel without having to pay for staging. Tips from cleaning to upgrading the entry of your home.

Inexpensive Ways to Stage Your Home – by Bill Gassett

Bill helps to describe ways to stage your home inexpensively. His tips include painting, depersonalizing, deodorizing, and more.

Never Under Estimate the Value of Staging Your Home – by Sharon Paxson

In this article, Sharon talks about the value of staging your home. She provides some areas to focus on and believes the cost to stage your home will likely cost less than your first price reduction.

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