No Credit Check Mortgage

Most mortgage program guidelines require lenders to use your credit scores and credit activity as a primary factor in approving your mortgage. There are no credit check mortgages available which can help if you are concerned about your credit scores when applying for a mortgage.

If you are concerned about your credit score something on your credit report, then it is possible you have not been speaking with the right lender. You can get a mortgage with very poor credit scores. You are able to get a mortgage with derogatory items on your credit report. If those are your issues, then it is possible you do not need a no credit check mortgage, but just need to speak with the right lender.

No Credit Check Mortgage Options

If you are concerned about the lender checking your credit, the mortgage options below are available to you. These will not work in all situations but for many people these are viable options.

FHA Streamline Refinance

If your existing loan is an FHA loan, you can refinance without the lender using your credit as a basis to approve your loan. FHA guidelines do not require the lender to use credit as a basis for approving the mortgage for a streamline refinance. As a result, your credit scores can be very low and you can still get an approval.

The lender will pull your credit only to verify whether you have made late mortgage payments. From a credit perspective, that is the only thing that could result in hindering your mortgage approval.

The main thing to remember here is your current mortgage must be an FHA loan to qualify for an FHA streamline refinance.

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The VA IRRRL is the VA “interest rate reduction refinance loan” which is very similar to the FHA streamline refinance program. It is the VA’s version of that program and also does not require the lender to use credit scores as a basis for your mortgage approval.

The purpose of the refinance must be to lower the interest rate, lower the payments, or improve the loan terms in some way that will benefit you. Your existing mortgage must be a VA loan to qualify.

The lender will look at your credit report only to verify that you have been making on time mortgage payments.

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Private Money

When financing with a private money lender, you likely will not encounter a credit check. These lender may be a neighbor, relative or someone you meet who has money to lend in exchange for a higher interest rate. Unlike the other options referenced above, private money can be used to purchase a property, not just refinance.

Private money loans have no specific guidelines you can negotiate all of the terms including the interest rate, down payment, and term of the loan. The hardest part is finding that private money lender.

Hard Money

Most hard money lenders do not pull credit for both purchases and refinances. Hard money loans usually come with the highest interest rate and the most points. They are used for short term situations like a bridge loan or fix and flip situation.

You can expect to pay at least 4 points and have interest rates higher than 10%. However, since this is a short term loan the actual interest paid should not be too much.

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No Credit Check Mortgage Pre-Approval

If you are looking for a no credit check mortgage pre-approval, you will need to complete a short application and speak with a loan officer to review your loan scenario. Pre-approvals can be issued within 24 hours after speaking with a loan officer.

To get started, just complete this short contact form.

No Credit Check Refinance

Refinancing will be your best option if you need a no credit check mortgage. Lenders will feel most comfortable when you have a lot of equity in the home and if you have been making on time mortgage payments.

We briefly discussed the limited options such as an FHA streamline refinance and a VA streamline refinance. There are also some investment lenders which will not check your credit when refinancing. Instead, they will based it off of an appraisal and will look for a low loan to value ratio.

Guaranteed Mortgage No Credit Check

The closest thing to a guaranteed mortgage with no credit check will be a hard money loan. Hard money lenders are less concerned with your credit and are primarily focused on the income opportunity.

You can expect to have a down payment on a purchase and the hard money lender will put a lien on the property to protect their investment.

What Others are Saying About No Credit Check Mortgages

Eric Jeanette – “The FHA streamline refinance program is the best option to refinance without a credit check. = “Having good credit helps consumers to have access to even more credit.

Gustan Cho – “Lenders who offer no credit check mortgages will look for compensating factors to help mitigate risk.