How to Boost Property Value with Exterior Improvements

exterior improvements boost property value

Curb appeal matters whether you are trying to boost your home’s value to sell it, or simply to enjoy a beautiful exterior. In the world of real estate, the rule of not judging the book by its cover does not apply because everybody will judge your property by its exterior appearance.

Making a good first impression is more important than you might think. Luckily, there are many different ways to do that, and while some might require a smaller investment, there are also many that don’t need anything other than your time and creativity. So, here are a few ways to boost your property value by improving its exterior.

Make walkways

A potential buyer’s eye would naturally be drawn to walkways, so it’s safe to say that they can really make or break the overall impression. So, make sure there are no weeds around the stones, add new patio stones if any are missing, and make them look as clean and well-maintained as possible.

There are some other ways to emphasise your walkways too. For example, you can use lighting solutions, you can plant flowers along the paths, or you can mark the borders with bigger rocks. Also, when replacing your walkways, use the interlocking stone solutions to prevent weeds and other issues. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to go for natural-looking stone, because it’s less likely to look outdated, and it usually requires less maintenance.

Consider landscaping

Another thing that can affect the exterior of your house is landscaping. Now, you don’t have to invest in some professional landscaping projects to make your property look good. Even the simplest things like a well-maintained lawn can make your house look more welcoming. That being said, your lawn alone is not enough to draw attention.

Try planting some trees for shade, flowers for a pop of color, and shrubs and maybe even a nice looking bird feeder. This way, it would all look much more natural, and any family would be able to imagine their life there.

Improve your front door and porch

Your front door is the entrance to your house, and being so, it will be noticed. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to choose the most expensive option out there in order to draw attention, but you should put some effort into choosing the right paint and hardware. Also, choose quality locks to show your potential buyers that you care about the safety and functionality of your property as much as you do about its appearance.

If you have a front porch, spend some time decorating it properly. Light it up with new entrance lighting such as lanterns or string lights, and spice it up with flowers and other nature-inspired accessories. Also, if it’s large enough, find inspiration in the latest outdoor furniture collections in Sydney as this would definitely help you create a more welcoming image.

Pay attention to the details

People usually neglect those small details, like doorbells, house numbers, mailboxes, and similar things. However, they can make a lot of difference if you actually put some effort into customizing them. Plus, they aren’t expensive, and they are easy to replace.

Consider investing in higher quality hardware. You can even make your own mailbox and house numbers if you like DIY projects and you want to make your exterior a bit more unique. Either way, small details like these do get noticed more than people think so make them worth noticing.

Add a fence

You might think that fences are just an unnecessary bonus, but for some people, they can be a must. They allow your potential buyers to have pets, and they can make the garden much safer and visually pleasing overall. However, fences might be a bit more costly initially, so check whether you can split the cost with your neighbors, since one fence can work for more than one property.

If your property happens to be in a newer neighborhood, adding a fence can provide you with a decent ROI, since it would add a bit more privacy, which is something most new neighborhoods lack.

Build a pool

A pool is something your potential buyers will either love or hate. In this case, there are some other factors to consider, like how hot the summers can be in your area, what kind of audience is more likely to be interested in your house, and if there is a better alternative nearby such as a lake or ocean.

If you feel like your property is a perfect family house, building a pool would probably be something the future owners would appreciate.

Don’t forget the lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential not just because it can boost your curb appeal but also because it can improve your house’s safety. It can highlight some of your property’s best features, like the patio, walkways, or flower gardens.

You can also use lighting to create a more interesting ambient. For example, you can add string lights to your trees and shrubs, or you can place lanterns along the walkways. Either way, lighting is something you shouldn’t ignore, as you can rest assured that the potential buyers would not ignore it either.

Invest in windows and doors

As already mentioned, your front door should be up to the challenge. However, there is also the garage door to keep in mind. Considering the amount of surface that it covers, you can use it to emphasize your exterior house’s colors and style. As for the windows, focus on efficiency more than appearance. They need to be good insulators so no hot or cold air can get through them. Not to mention that proper insulation would save the future tenants lots of money in the long run.

Although you can’t exactly know how much such changes can increase your property value, you can rest assured that the value would likely be higher. When it comes to real estate, everything matters. So, think about the details, make some changes to your property if necessary, and it will likely increase in value.

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