Jumbo Stated Income Lenders

Jumbo Stated income loans are absolutely available but there are only a handful of lenders who offer them in 2024.

Stated income loans are for self employed individuals who cannot qualify based upon the net income on their tax returns. Without the ability to document their income, self employed borrowers turn to stated income loans.

What is a Jumbo Stated Income Loan?
A jumbo stated income loan is a mortgage program that does not require full documentation for a mortgage that is over the conforming loan amount of $647,200 in 2024

We will discuss your options, what you need to qualify and where you can find one of these loans from a jumbo stated income lender. We have been the stated income resource for almost 15 years so you came to the right place. Feel comfortable contacting us for a free consultation just to find out more and see whether you qualify and what your rate could be.

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What Jumbo Stated Income Programs Are Available Now?

Stated income lenders only offer the these types of programs to self employed borrowers.  Self employed home buyers have difficulty qualifying for a mortgage because they typically have too many write offs on their tax returns. These write offs often result in a low net income or even a loss.  This low net income is what makes it near impossible for self employed people to qualify for a mortgage.

Jumbo Stated Income Loan Basics

The jumbo stated loan program is a program where the lender will review your bank statements to determine your average monthly deposits. They will use a percentage of those deposits to determine your average monthly income for the loan application. They may also combine your business accounts and your personal accounts.

The loan to value ratios may vary but will most likely be higher than a conventional loan and sometimes up to 50%. We recommend speaking with one of our lenders to help provide you with what is available in your state. The jumbo version will have loan amounts as high as $5 million depending upon the lender. We are helping self employed borrowers with this type of loan every day. Click for a free consultation.

Jumbo Stated Income Lender Requirements

  • You must be self employed for at least two years.
  • There will be a minimum of a 10% down payment needed for a purchase or for a refinance you can borrow up to 90% of the value of your home. Some lenders require 15%.
  • You will be asked to provide 12-24 months bank statements.
  • You may also be asked for your tax returns but they will still use your bank statements to qualify you.
  • Stated income credit score requirements vary by lender but you can expect your scores need to be greater than 600
  • If you have a foreclosure or bankruptcy, then certain lenders may require a higher down payment

If you are ready to speak with a stated income lender, we recommend you click for a free consultation now.

Who Are the Top Jumbo Stated Income Lenders?

There are a few lenders who offer jumbo stated income loans. Some of them include Carrington, Angel Oak, FNBA and others. The offerings and guidelines change constantly, and it will be difficult for you to research them all. We are making this extremely easy for you. Simply complete the contact form here and with some basic information about your loan scenario, we can match you with the right jumbo stated income lender directly.

What Are the Jumbo Stated Income Rates?

The rates for a jumbo stated income loan will be higher than what you may find for a jumbo mortgage where you qualify using full documentation. However, the difference between the two rates is not that significant. If you are self employed and need a jumbo loan to buy your home, then this really is going to be a great option for you.

Pros and Cons of a Jumbo Stated Income Loan 


  • Jumbo stated income loans help self employed applicants to qualify for a mortgage when
  • This loan program does not require tax returns to qualify.
  • The interest rates are less than hard money loans.
  • Some lenders may offer down payments starting at 10% down.
  • Having a recent bankruptcy will not prevent you from qualifying
  • Rates improve with higher credit scores


  • This is not a true no doc loan so many months of bank statements will be required.
  • Government programs like FHA and VA are not available in this format. For those, you must fully document your income.
  • The interest rates will be a bit higher than what you would expect from a conventional loan.
  • Jumbo stated income loans are not commonly found. We can help with our free lender match service.

Jumbo Stated Income Frequently Asked Questions

What is a jumbo stated income loan?
It is a loan where borrowers supply copies of their bank statements to qualify for loans up to $5 million for their primary residence.

Are jumbo stated income loans available in 2024?
Jumbo stated income loans can be found although there are very few jumbo stated income lenders available.

Can I get a jumbo cash-out refinance as a stated income loan?
Jumbo stated income cash-out refinance mortgages are possible but your maximum loan to value ratio may be 75%


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